This is something I have been meaning to write for the longest time. Happiness. Can anyone define happiness? Our answers would definitely vary. Some would say ‘family’. Some would say ‘friends’. Some would even say ‘staying alone in my room watching my favourite drama’.
During our lifetime, we try our best to find reasons to be happy. Also, doing whatever it takes to make others happy sometimes forgetting about our own happiness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one in this world is 100% happy. You see people smiling or having the best time of their lives then thinking “Wow, I wish I was as happy as they are” when you don’t even know half the story. Everyone is fighting a battle. No matter how big or small it is, it’s such a heavy battle.

For me, happiness was linked to a person. Not a certain person. Just people. I was always understanding and quiet about my problems. I didn’t like burdening others because I already know that anyone has had enough with problems. They told me that in the long run, I will have psychological/mental issues because I bottle all my feeling inside of me but for some reason, I believed I was different. Not talking about my problems helped me let them go but it took some time. I would feel a lot better when I’ve solved someone’s problem or helped them smile during a bad day.
Honestly, it’s not about how big the problem is, talking about it or not. It’s about picking the right person to help you. Someone you trust and you believe will make you feel better.

I have been inspired a lot by someone and I will never forget how much he has (and still) influenced me.
“If Something Happens That Makes You Upset, Don’t Hold It In. So That You Don’t Have Any Wounds Left Given From Anyone In The Future”.
For the strangest reasons, this is exactly what I wanted to hear from him at that time.
So please, don’t feel sad for whatever reason there is. Do something you love. Think a happy thought. Don’t let your dreams crash to the ground.
Talk to someone. People care, I swear. Would it hurt to start a conversation with someone even if you want help? You’d be surprised. You might find someone that has a lot in common with you and you’d eventually find someone who understands you.
Yes, not everyone will understand 100% because only you can feel what you feel but trying is for free, you know :’)

Keep anything negative and anyone pessimistic away. Go out, experience life and do what you love. I know some of you are trapped inside your homes not able to do anything. But like the dearest person in my life has said “whenever you’re feeling down, you don’t go and watch a sad tragic movie. You don’t think of everything that made you upset 9 years ago. You watch a happy movie. Something that would make you laugh. Do something you love and don’t surrender to your sickness or sadness”.

Whatever’s Good For Your Soul, Do That :’)

Try to find even the most little things that can make you smile 🙂 I promise you that feeling happy is your own decision. You don’t even have to be sad because everyone is. Be their and your own happy virus.


I pray everyone is happy or at least, they’ve found something to be happy about. It’s those little gestures in life that can change your entire mood.
Trust me! Someone in this world looks at you and gets happy thoughts every time they see you. Know that a smile can change so much.
Have a blessing Friday, Everyone! ^^


Soulmate… (?)



Where do I begin in talking about you? I have a million thoughts in my head but when I try to speak them, I become speechless and my mind goes blank.

It’s because my heart is hurting me from loving you that I’m suddenly speaking my thoughts:

You and I are from two different worlds.

How do I expect someone like you to like me? I’m half way across the world. We don’t speak the same language. You’ve never seen me or have spoken to me..

If you could only hear me out! If you only knew how much I’ve fallen for you!

I tried to walk away from this one-sided love. I tried liking someone else but it turned out that I was only lying to myself.

6 billion people in the world yet I chose the only person I can never be with.

Was it your caring heart, your sweet smile or by any chance your angelic voice?

I heard a saying: “Nobody’s perfect until you fall in love”. I believed in that sentence until someone else told me they totally disagree. Your imperfections make you who you are and that’s why, to me, you are perfect.

Sometimes, I think I’m selfish for loving you. You’re the reason behind my smile. Seeing you happy, makes my heart jump. Sometimes, I even cry seeing or hearing your laugh.. How overjoyed I am to see you like that! :’)

People spend most of their lives looking for their soulmates… You could be lucky to find that person… But you don’t always end up with them.

I don’t deserve you. Why do I keep dreaming of you? Will I ever wake up?

I’ve been told that someday I’ll find “the one” who will make me fall even more in love and who will make me forget you… They don’t understand that you are the one.

You make me so weak. Is it fair that you can control me like that?

Whenever there’s a crowd, my eyes can only see you. I can’t take my eyes off of you.

Every love song reminds me of you.

If I had the chance to fall in love with someone else, I’ll still choose to love you all over again.

I wish I have met you before… Would things have been different?

                                                          ღ 사랑해요 도경수 ღ

My Adventure At Suncity Mall in Cairo.



Yesterday, 19/2/2014, was literally the best day of my life.
I spent it with my brother and sister-in-law 🙂 They let me travel to Cairo with them as a congratulations present on me passing my exams.

It started with my parents waking me up and telling me that my brother has been calling me all day, but I didn’t pick up because it was on silent mode. He was coming in a few minutes to come pick me up.
When he came, I was so excited. The first thing he said was that we were going to have Chinese food as lunch. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a dream of mine to try out Chinese and Korean food and he was going to make one come true.

When we reached Cairo, we got in by the Cairo International Airport road so we got to see airplanes up close and all the cool looking hotels.

We reached our destination which was Suncity mall. The first thing we did as we got in there is buy a big balloon for my 11 months old niece.

Then we went to buy lunch, considering it was around 5 p.m and we haven’t eaten a thing. We bought a meal from Asian Corner which was absolutely delicious. It contained noodles, meat, chicken with hot sauce and of course a cola to be able to enjoy the food.
I couldn’t continue eating. It was really delicious but the food was too much so I decided to wrap it and continue eating it whenever I’m hungry.

The next thing we did after finishing eating was to check out all of the shops. We started with clothes shops (yaay for shopping). I found the cutest London and New York shirts but when I tried them on, they were really short. I can’t deny I was a bit disappointed but I knew there were better clothes to come.

After we left that shop, we passed by H&M and there I saw 2 adorable short dresses. I ended up choosing the dark blue one over the white and grey one because it was more fashionable. I ended up looking like this ^w^ .

After that, I went to Carrefour to get my home necessities (a.k.a food). I ended up buying 2 cereals that were for fitness (Yup! I’m on a diet but I’ve been cheating on it, lately) and then I got some chocolates (a girl’s best friend).

We then went and bought some lunch boxes and water bottles for traveling or family vacations. I got a lunch box for college. It was cheap considering its many features so I decided to get it.

The last thing we did before leaving was making another one of my dreams come true… Drink coffee at Starbucks.
The reason why I never tried it was because the closest one was in Cairo and Cairo is an hour and a half away from where I live. I ordered a Caramel Macchiato. You know why I was disappointed? Because I wanted an Iced Caramel Macchiato but the way you say ‘iced’ in Arabic is too weird so I said it in a low tone. I got it hot. And on top of that, I forgot to put sugar in it so I thought it was supposed to be this sour. But then I put sugar and I’ve felt the goodness of the Starbucks’ coffee.

On our way home, we were jamming to some 90’s songs which was so much fun. I had a lovely day. I have my family to thank ❤





                          My meal at Asian Corner 🙂 I think it was called the Maharaja Meal !



              @ Starbucks drinking my Caramel Macchiato and excited about the Caramel Cinabbon I bought.

                                               You can’t buy happiness.. But you can buy Cinnabon 🙂

Valentine’s Day.



Today is a day that everyone is familiar with. Today is Valentine’s day, 14/2/2014.
Valentine’s day is a day that’s supposed to be filled with love and couples going out together expressing how much they love each other.

It’s also a day that’s not acknowledged by people who aren’t in a relationship, like me. Probably spending it like any other day or having a movie night with friends with popcorn and chocolate.
For me, I still don’t get why there’s a day with that meaning. I swear I’m not being a hypocrite but why is there a day that’s so special for couples to show their love to their loved one?
We’re supposed to show them how much we love them every single day. Why use Valentine’s day as an excuse?

And for all the single people out there, how about celebrating it with our best friends! Isn’t it so much fun? A place full of the people we love and trust. A place full of laughter and joy.

Here’s to another year of being single and I’m proud of it. I’m not gonna lie, I have a crush on someone but I’m okay with him not being my Valentine this year. I just hope he’s happy.

To all the people who are in a relationship, I hope you enjoy this day and feel happy. May you stay together for as long as you shall live.
To all my single fellows out there, I hope you enjoy this day as well. Don’t be sad that you’re single or have just got out of a relationship! You’ll get your chance. For all guys, don’t be afraid to approach the girl you like. The odds could be in your favor today.
Also, spread compliments to whoever you see today. You never know, this could be the only compliment they’ve got today.

Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

My Best Friend.



Where do I even begin with describing my best friend? :’) No matter what I say, it’ll still do her no justice.

How is it that from all people, you’re the one that God led to me? I keep thanking God everyday for the amazing gift he gave me. I wonder what I did in my life to deserve such a warm-hearted person.

You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, both inside and out. There’s this amazing aura that surrounds you. It lets the whole world know how valuable you are.

You make me happy all day long. Being with you is such a salvation. I feel free when I’m with you, like I could do anything.

You have such a soothing and comforting voice. Thank you for using it to make me feel better!

I miss you more than ever! Please come back to me. Why did you have to be so far away? I miss our adventures, our memories together and our funny talks. Everyday, I look at the pictures we’ve taken. If this is how I can see you, I’m okay with it but I miss hugging you.

Don’t forget you’re a Princess! You’re a treasure that needs to be taken care of. You deserve all the best in life and more. Allah has a lot of things planned for you, don’t worry about a thing! 🙂

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, listening to me when I had no one to talk to and being there for me when I had no one to turn to. You complete me.

I wish nothing but complete happiness to you. I will try my ultimate best to make all your dreams come true. Let’s go work on them together! I want you to know that I’m proud of you and I believe you can do great things in this world, if you believe.

I pray that you don’t leave me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re my positive energy :’)

I will never let anyone hurt you or make you sad. I also pray that I will have what it takes to keep you safe and to keep that beautiful smile on your face everyday. I’ll always be here when you need me.

I Love You, My Angel !




No, I’m not talking about the dreams you have when you go to sleep. Although, they’re somehow related. I’m talking about those hopes and wishes you dream about almost half of your life, wondering if they’ll ever come true.

Life is short. That’s probably the main reason why people either waste their time hoping their dreams would come true without doing anything about it or trying their best to achieve their dreams and making them reality.

All I know is that with persistence and hard work, you’ll be able to make wonders.

In your life, you’ll pass through people who might let you down. Making you think that you’re silly believing you can be something or someone big. I want to tell you that you are special and unique. Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you can’t do it or anyone who laughs at your ambitions. Let them be amazed of what you can do. Say “I will show you.”.

Whether it’s wanting to become an actor but your parents don’t approve; Or wanting to become a Chef but you don’t know how to cook. Even wanting to become a famous footballer.. And in my case, wanting to become a writer who is able to inspire others.

Don’t give up on your dreams! Follow them! They know the way. Reach to the stars above. There will be obstacles but it’s up to you if you want to break them or just stand in front of it waiting and waiting for it to move by itself.

If you can’t find anyone to believe in you, why don’t you start with yourself? Be the one who pushes you forward. But remember to surround yourself with people who love you and support you. You will receive criticism and feedback. Whether they’re good or bad, make them a reason to become better. Success doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to be patient. Always tell yourself “I can do it.” because you can.

I’m a dreamer, and a proud one. I have so many things I want to achieve and I’m counting on doing so. I don’t mind if some of them don’t come true because on the way of trying my best, I might get better results.

Hope everyone’s dreams come true 🙂



What is life? It’s an unfinished circle. Some say it goes on. Some say it stops at a point. Everything happens for a reason, don’t you think?

Things happen unexpectedly. That’s why we have too many questions in our minds…. Too many doubts.

We spend our lifetime searching for an answer. Some find it. Some die trying. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide how you want to live your life 🙂

Life is a gift. Make the best out of it. Put your mark into the world. Let it hear your voice. Let it hear what you have to say. It’s worth it.